Adaro, born as Thijs Ploegmakers in the Netherlands, is a prominent hardstyle and rawstyle DJ. 



Thijs Ploegmakers


Adaro, Gunz For Hire

Birth Place

The Netherlands


Hardstyle, rawstyle

Years active



A² Records


Current members

Thijs Ploegmakers

In 2009 he formed the rawstyle duo Gunz For Hire with Ran-D.

To date, Adaro has performed at live events including Decibel Outdoor Festival, Defqon.1, Q-BASE, Qapital, Mysteryland, Reverze and Qlimax.

In early 2014, Thijs was hospitalised due to hyperacucis, and consequently was forced to cancel all upcoming shows, both as a solo artist, and as Gunz For Hire.

In April 2014, Thijs announced his condition was improving, and he would be slowly returning to his studio work, and possibly live performances.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Title Alias Label Year
My Name Is Hardstyle Ran-D vs. Adaro A² Records 2009
Under Attack / Struggle For Existence Ran-D & Adaro A² Records 2010
Hit You With That Bang Shit Adaro A² Records 2011
Gangsters Don't Dance Gunz For Hire A² Records 2011
The Haunter of the Dark Adaro A² Records 2011
Put It On / Evolution Complete Gunz For Hire A² Records 2011
Fuck the Fake Shit (Adaro Remix) Artic A² Records 2012
The Italian Tribute Adaro Titanic Records 2012
Air (Air Dance Anthem 2012) The R3belz & Adaro Scantraxx Special 2012
No Time To Sleep Adaro  A² Records 2012
Kings of the Underground / The Cycle Gunz For Hire A² Records 2012
Bolivia Gunz For Hire A² Records 2012
Another Sh*t Track Crypsis & Adaro Less Is More (Cryptology) 2012
Natural Born Killers Adaro & Digital Punk A2 Records 2013
Worth Fighting For (Qapital 2013 Anthem) B-Front & Adaro Q-Dance 2013
Sorrow (Feat. Ellie) Gunz For Hire A² Records 2013
Answers (Adaro Remix) Chain Reaction Less Is More 2013
History Adaro A² Records 2013
For The Street Adaro A² Records 2013
Immortal (Qlimax 2013 Anthem) Gunz For Hire Q-Dance 2013
Struggle For Existence (Crypsis Remix) Ran-D & Adaro A² Records 2013
Everyday Digital Punk & Adaro Not on label 2013
Swagger Gunz For Hire A² Records 2014
I'm The King The Prophet & Adaro Scantraxx 2014
Hit You With That Bang Shit (Outbreak Remix) Adaro A² Records 2014
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