September - Cry For You (Antiverse Bootleg) FULL HQ HD FREE RELEASE-0

September - Cry For You (Antiverse Bootleg) FULL HQ HD FREE RELEASE-0


Antiverse is a Hardstyle DJ and Producer from Denmark and has been stated active since 2011, according to Youtube activity.

Antiverse started out with a track supported by Toxxic Records formed by Hemar Randall and Jordan Casement from USA,called 'Manners' which is a free release, although this was mistaken for an actual release at Toxxic Records  because it was labelled under the 'TOXPROMO' catalogue for promoting artists with their dream, but not everyone knew its purpose.

Antiverse made a fantastic first impression on Youtube and started to grow elsewhere than Toxxic Records, and by the time it was growing, its next major home for promotion, again according to Youtube activity was LegendaryUploadzz which has a native goal for promoting new and unknown artists to get out there and start a fanbase. Antiverse was welcomed, and most of his newer tracks got out there first, on LegendaryUploadzz.


Antiverse's tracks are still bound to LegendaryUploadzz as a major home, although he also has become active on Soundcloud with only a few tracks, supported by artists around the globe, and even featured on podcasts such as The Magic Show, Harzstyle and Overdose on Hardstyle by S DEE.

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