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Bob van der Palen

B-Front, born Bob van der Palen, is a hardstyle artist currently signed under Roughstate.

Bob was introduced to music at the age of 8, and started to produce trance music at the age of 10 in a neighbour's studio.

At the age of 15, his release "Motherfucking Psycho / Jumpin'" under DJS Records was supported by many top artists and sold worldwide.

In 2008, he performed hardstyle for the first time at Defqon.1. He also formed the duo 2-Sidez with Pulse under A² Records.

Some time later, B-Front grew in the rawstyle industry and was eventually signed onto Fusion Records.


Title Alias Year Label
Motherfucking Psycho B-Front 2005 DJS Records Exclusive
Lunatick Jones & B-Front 2006 DJ's United Red Records
My Style E.P. B-Front 2007 DJS Records
Shock B-Front & DJ Dragon 2007 DJS Records
Freakin / Fuck It 2-Sidez 2008 A² Records
Evil B-Front 2008 A² Records
Confuse B-Front 2008 DJS Records
Quarantine / Pathology Bass Modulators vs. B-Front 2009 DJ's United Orange Records
Listen 2-Sidez 2009 A² Records
Magic / Become The Sky B-Front & Frontliner 2010 Fusion Records
Godz Powerrr! Frontliner & B-Front 2010 Scantraxx Special
Neophobia / Sleepwalker B-Front 2010 Fusion Records
Scary Noises / Chemical Slim Shore & B-Front 2010 Fusion Records
Awake / Elements Digital Punk & B-Front 2010 TiLLT!
Thrillogy E.P. B-Front 2011 Fusion Records
Virus B-Front 2011 Fusion Records
Charger Slim Shore & B-Front 2011 Fusion Records
Unleashed - Album Sampler 006 E-Force / Alpha² & B-Front 2011 A² Records
For The Girls / Panic Attack B-Front & Digital Punk 2011 Fusion Records
Everything Starts / Everything Changes High Voltage & B-Front 2011 Sys-X Records
Thousand And One Nights B-Front 2011 Fusion Records
Rebirth (Official Anthem 2011) Ran-D & B-Front 2011 A² Records
Inner Creativity / Musical Analysis B-Front 2011 Fusion Records
Mysterias B-Front 2012 Fusion Records
Night Colours Black (E-Force Remix) B-Front & Frequencerz 2012 Fusion Records
Godz Edit Powerrr! Frontliner & B-Front 2012 Self Released
Movement B-Front & Crypsis 2012 Fusion Records
State Of Perfection Hard Driver & B-Front 2012 Dirty Workz
Qapital B-Front & Adaro 2013 Be Yourself Music
W.A.R. B-Front & Re-Volt 2013 Fusion Records
The 4th Kind B-Front & High Voltage 2013 Fusion Records
Delusion B-Front & Frequencerz 2013 Fusion Records
Redeeming Light (Official Dream Village Anthem 2013) Zany & B-Front 2013 Fusion Records
Worth Fighting For (Official Qapital Anthem 2013) B-Front & Adaro 2013 Q-Dance
Undiscovered B-Front 2013 Fusion Records
Fearless 2012 Coone & B-Front 2013 Dirty Workz
Spectral Digital Punk & B-Front 2013 A² Records
Purify B-Front & Digital Punk 2014 Fusion Records
One Of A Kind B-Front & Frequencerz Ft. MC Nolz 2014 Fusion Records
Fatality Frequencerz & B-Front 2014 Fusion Records