Brennan Heart (Fabian Bohn) from the Netherlands has an impressive track record as a DJ and producer with over 100 releases. He's known for his unrestrained efforts and perseverance, constantly improving his skills and studio setup.


He experimented with several styles of music like Techno, Hardtrance and Techtrance, before focussing on Hardstyle and establishing his own universal sound. Hardstyle is not only about the quality of beats; the songs, melodies and vocals are important elements of the evolution of the genre. Brennan Heart is a pioneer with this sound; with a track like 'Just as Easy', he started a new episode for Hardstyle music and opened the door to a new audience. He's also a pioneer for exploring new territories and cities, bringing him all over the world to serve his worldwide fanbase. Next to his great singles. Brennan Heart composed several anthems (like Qlimax 2010 with a live symphonic orchestra) and played all main stages of the international events. His fans rewarded him with many votes for the DJ Mag Top-100, entering the list in October 2011 and rising to position 49 in 2012.

'Lose my Mind' is his eminent release in 2012 and the first one of his own label 'Brennan Heart Music'. This collaboration with Wildstylez shows the catch-factor of this tracks; all party-people can sing the chorus by heart. This new status also created more interest for his previous releases like 'Wake Up' and 'Running Late', as well for his albums 'Musical Impressions' (2009) and M!D!FILEZ (2010). He also co-writed the track 'Feel U Here' with Dash Berlin, which shows his ability to compose in various genres. 

In 2012, Brennan Heart will proceed with his international career with new tracks, events and video-content. Tracks like 'We Can Escape' and 'Never Break Me' have been highlyrewarded and supported his position as one of the leading producers and DJ's of the hard-dance scene.


Title Alias Year Label
Payback The Prophet & Brennan Heartㅅ 2006 M!D!FY
Evolut!on Of Style Brennan Heart 2006 M!D!FY
Rev!val X Brennan Heart 2006 M!D!FY
One Blade Blademasterz 2007 M!D!FY
Rush The Rmx Brennan Heart 2007 M!D!FY
Get Wasted (Defqon.1 Festival Anthem 2007) Brennan Heart 2007 Q-Dance
Faith In Your DJ Brennan Heart 2008 M!D!FY
Fearless / Wooloomooloo Brennan Heart Meets Clive King 2008 M!D!FY
Memento / Remember, Remember... Brennan Heart 2008 M!D!FY
Home / Homeless Brennan Heart Ft. Shanokee 2008 M!D!FY
Musical Impressions Brennan Heart 2009 Cloud 9 Dance
Musical Impressions Album Sampler 001 Brennan Heart 2009 M!D!FY
Musical Impressions Album Sampler 002 Brennan Heart 2009 M!D!FY
Musical Impressions Album Sampler 003 Brennan Heart 2009 M!D!FY
City Of Intensity (Decibel Anthem 2009) Brennan Heart 2009 M!D!FY
Faith In Your DJ Tool (Blademasterz DFQN RMX) Brennan Heart 2009 Self Released
Blending Harder Styles The Viper & G-Town Madness vs. Brennan Heart 2010 Viper Beatz
M!D!F!LEZ (DJ Tools Only) Brennan Heart 2010 Scantraxx
M!D!F!LEZ Sampler Brennan Heart 2010 M!D!FY
M!D!F!LEZ Sampler 002 Brennan Heart 2010 M!D!FY Digital
M!D!F!LEZ Sampler 003 Brennan Heart 2010 M!D!FY Digital
M!D!F!LEZ Sampler 004 Brennan Heart 2010 M!D!FY Digital
Album Sampler 005 Brennan Heart 2010 M!D!FY Digital
Revelations (Reverze 2010 Anthem) Brennan Heart 2010 M!D!FY
Muscial Impressions Album Sampler 004 Brennan Heart 2010 M!D!FY
Alternate Reality (Qlimax Anthem 2010) Brennan Heart 2010 Q-Dance
Qlimax - In An Alternate Reality Brennan Heart 2010 Cloud 9 Dance, Q-Dance
Light The Fire (2011 Mix) Brennan Heart 2011 M!D!FY
Wake Up (Prophet's Hardcore Remuxx) The Prophet & Brennan Heart 2011 Self Released
Memento / Musical Impressions (The Remixes) Brennan Heart 2011 M!D!FY
M!D!F!LEZ Sampler 005 Brennan Heart 2011 M!D!FY Digital
Wake Up! / Till U Believe It / Face The Enemy (Zany Remix) Brennan Heart & The Prophet 2011 M!D!FY
Bang The Bass Zany & Brennan Heart 2011 Fusion Records
What's It Gonna Be / Running Late Brennan Heart 2012 Brennan Heart Music
Life That We Dream Of (City2City) Brennan Heart 2012 Brennan Heart Music
Running Late / Lift Me Up Brennan Heart 2012 Brennan Heart Music
We Can Escape (Intents Anthem 2012) Brennan Heart 2012 Brennan Heart Music
Lose My Mind Brennan Heart & Wildstylez 2012 Brennan Heart Music
Decibel 2013 Brennan Heart, Tha Playah & Fatima Hajji 2013 Be Yourself Music
Freaqshow (2012 Anthem) Brennan Heart 2013 Q-Dance
Never Break Me Brennan Heart 2013 Brennan Heart Music
Imaginary Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mendelsohn 2013 WE R
F.I.F.O. Brennan Heart 2013 WE R
Evolution Of Style Brennan Heart 2014 WE R
Fight The Resistance Brennan Heart & Zatox 2014 WE R
Never Break Me (Toneshifterz Remix) Brennan Heart 2014 WE R
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