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Koen Bauweraerts


(Former) Ambassador Inc., The Elite


Oud-Turnhout, Belgium


Hardstyle (euphoric and nustyle)

Years active



Dirty Workz


Coone.be, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud

Coone (* 30. May 1983; also known as Koen Bauweraerts) is a Belgian Hardstyle DJ and producer living in Oud-Turnhout. Since 2006 he owns his label called Dirty Workz. Together with Fenix he's also known under the act Ambassador Inc..


Coone started with the production of electronic music in 1998, his first release was in 2002, called "Protect The Innocent". Before getting into Hardstyle, Coone produced Jumpstyle tracks. 2006 might be the most important year of his career as a producer because he started his own label, Dirty Workz, and was asked to make the Reverze anthem, which helped make him well know. 

In 2011, his album titled "The Challenge", which was made in only 30 days, won the award for Best Hard Dance Album of 2011.

Today Coone is the owner of Belgium's largest hardstyle label, and one of the best known producers. Coone is a common headliner on big events such as Defqon.1, Reverze, Iqon and The Qontinent.


Title Alias Year Label
Protect The Innocent Coone 2002 Hardball Records
And The Beat Goes On Coone 2003 Puncher
The Name Of My DJ Coone 2003 Puncher
Love / Nord Station Coone 2005 Zoo Records (Belgium)
Getting Down Coone 2005 Zoo Records (Belgium)
Infected (Reverze Anthem) Coone 2006 Zoo Records
Pitch Up Coone & Ghost 2006 GS2
Cracked / Life Is Complex Coone 2006 Dirty Workz
Gonna Cum E.P. Coone 2006 Zoo Records (Belgium)
Explosive Car Tuning 10 Various - Mr Pink 2006 Digidance
The Chosen One Coone 2007 Zoo Records
The Return (Remixes) Coone 2007 Tuning Beats
Words From The Gang Coone Feat. Mr Ice 2007 Zoo Records
Bounce On Ya Sneakers / Keep It Whoat Coone 2007 Dirty Workz
Electric Housecleaner Justin Tenzz 2007 Que Pasa
My Dirty Workz Coone 2008 541
Xpress Yourself / My Dirty Workz Coone 2008 Dirty Workz
Earthquake / Fuck Your Request Coone 2008 Dirty Workz
Words From The Gang Coone 2008 Zoo Limited
We Don't Care Coone & Ruthless 2008 Dirty Workz
My Dirty Workz / Sampler 1 Coone 2008 Dirty Workz
Collaborations E.P. Coone 2009 Dirty Workz
Mayday Dream (Bonzai Tribute) / Unity (Deepack Remix) Coone vs. Deepack 2009 Dirty Workz
Creation Of Life D-Block & S-Te-Fan vs. Coone 2009 Zoo Records
Starf*ckers E.P. Coone 2010 Dirty Workz
Throw Ya Handz / Twilight Zone Coone 2010 Dirty Workz
The Undefeated Coone 2010 Dirty Workz
Dear Nation E.P. Ambassador Inc. 2010 Dirty Workz
The Artist E.P. Ambassador Inc. 2010 Dirty Workz
Monstah Coone 2011 Self Released
It's Your DJ (Bonzai Tribute III) Coone & Deepack 2011 Self Released
The Challenge Coone 2011 Toff Music
Traveling Coone & Scope DJ 2011 Dirty Workz
The Words Psyko Punkz & Coone 2011 Dirty Workz
Audio Attack Coone & Zatox 2011 Dirty Workz
The Challenge (Evil Activities Remix) Coone 2011 Dirty Workz
Universal Language Coone 2011 Dirty Workz
The Prime Target Coone 2011 Dirty Workz
Mr Waspi Various - Mr Pink 2011 Bomb Records
Melody Of Nature E.P. Ambassador Inc. 2011 Dirty Workz
The Downside E.P. Ambassador Inc. 2011 Dirty Workz
Use Somebody (DJ Tool) Ambassador Inc. 2011 Self Released
Nustyle Crap (Coone Goes Wild Mix) Coone & Technoboy 2012 Dirty Workz
Dedication Coone 2012 Dirty Workz
Music Is Art Coone 2012 Dirty Workz
D.W.X. (Black Edit 2012) / Nothingness (Black Edit 2012) Coone Feat. Da Tweekaz 2012 Dirty Workz
Free Again Scope DJ & Coone 2012 Scantraxx
Chapter 20.12 Coone 2012 Dirty Workz
Beat On My Drum Coone 2012 Dirty Workz
It's All Confusion Ambassador Inc. 2012 Dirty Workz
Global Dedication Coone 2013 Toff Music
Our Fairytale (Theme Of Tomorrow 2013) Coone Ft. Chris Madin 2013 Dim Mak Records
Madness Dimitri Vegas / Like Mike / Coone Ft. Lil Jon 2013 Dim Mak Records
Zombie Killer Coone 2013 Dim Mak Records, Dirty Workz
Bassleader 2013 - Elements Of The Harder Styles Coone / Lords Of Tek / Chain Reaction / T-Junction 2013 Toff Music
Times Gettin' Hard Coone Feat. K19 2013 Dirty Workz
Colors Of Life (Official Emporium 2013 Anthem) Coone 2013 Dirty Workz
Fearless 2012 Coone & B-Front 2013 Dirty Workz
Headbanger Coone 2013 Dirty Workz
Can't Stop The Swag Steve Aoki & Coone 2014 Dim Mak Records
Survival Of The Fittest (Defqon.1 Anthem 2014) Coone 2014 Q-Dance