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DJ 0zymandias (Devon Brown) is a British DJ/Producer specialising in Trance Music, Hardstyle, Hardcore, and Dubstep, though he plans on doing other genres at some point. He has expressed disdain for mainstream house music, though, and has no plans to make mainly house. His first track was the Trance track I am 0zymandias. The same motif from I am 0zymandias also appeared in Heartz Intertwined and The Archlich King's 0nslaught. His primary DAWs are Audiotool, Caustic, and Studio One.

He also creates his own artwork, and makes his own videos for his tracks. He not only has a passion for dance music, but also for the "King of Instruments", the organ. Quite a few of his tracks have an organ-like sound somewhere in the track.

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