Frequencerz is a dutch Hardstyle Duo consisting of Niels Koster and Pepijn Hol.


Pepijn Hol founded Frequencerz in 2005. He used this alias for the tracks he produced. But since Pepijn was, at that time, not able to perform as a DJ, he started the search for a skilled DJ. This quickly resulted in the second member of the group, Niels Koster. Pepijn and Niels knew each other through the Internet and had developed a close friendship.

Niels and Pepijn visited a lot of big parties back then and they quickly came to realise that they wanted their music to be more than just a hobby and decided to take their career to the next level. Both of them producing the tracks as well as performing as Frequencerz.

After a lot of experimenting in the studio together, they developed their own style and it didn't take long before other deejays started playing their tracks. Even at this early stage, Frequencerz got some massive support from guys like Deepack and D-Block & S-Te-Fan. Deepack even played Frequencerz – Tomorrow and Beyond while closing down the main stage of Defqon.1 Festival 2008. For Niels and Pepijn this was a sign that they were on the right track and the drive to play the big stages grew even stronger!

In July 2009 all of their hard work paid off, the legendary Fusion Records made the Frequencerz an offer they couldn't refuse and signed the boys to the label. From here on, things went really fast. Since then Niels and Pepijn have rocked stage after stage, leaving a trail of devastated dancefloors behind them. With Defqon.1 Festival 2010, Q-Dance presents Fusion in the amazing Heineken Music Hall, The Qontinent 2010 and Bassleader 2010 being the absolute highlights.

Also their first release on Fusion Records, "Phaser/Driver", saw the light of day and got hammered by a lot of big deejays.


Albums Edit

Titel Artist Release Label
Medium Rare Frequencerz 30. März 2016 Roughstate

Singles & EPs Edit

Titel Artist Release Label
Ta Reine / Hallucinating Freqs vs N3ck & Decepticon November 2008 Explosive Records
My Awakening Freqz April 2009 Bass Fusion
Tomorrow & Beyond / Wishes Frequencerz April 2009 DJ's United Orange Records
Rawk / Convictive B-Ware & Frequencerz September 2009 DJ's United Orange Records
Phaser / Driver Frequencerz August 2010 Fusion Records
X-Pand Frequencerz 7. March 2011 Fusion Records
Fly With Me Frequencerz 8. September 2011 Fusion Records
Rich MF Frequencerz 17. October 2011 Fusion Records
Night Colours Black B-Front & Frequencerz 28. October 2011 Fusion Records
Revolution Frequencerz 5. December 2011 Fusion Records
Fight For Survival Frequencerz & In-Phase 5. March 2012 Fusion Records
Bitch Frequencerz 23. April 2012 Fusion Records
No Escape (Alcatrazz Anthem 2012) Frequencerz 4. June 2012 Fusion Records
Attention Frequencerz & E-Force 25. June 2012 Fusion Records
Night Colours Black (E-ForceRemix) B-Front & Frequencerz 19. November 2012 Fusion Records
Incoming DJ Thera & Frequencerz 28. November 2012 Theracords
Burning Frequencerz 4. February 2013 Fusion Records
Bring Back The Funk Bass Modulators& Frequencerz 4. February 2013 Scantraxx
Our Freedom (Beat The Bridge Anthem 2013) Frequencerz 1. May 2013 Fusion Records
S.T.F.U. / G.T.F.O. Jack Of Sound & Frequencerz 24. June 2013 Fusion Records
Quakers Zany & Frequencerz 23. September 2013 Fusion Records
Delusion B-Front & Frequencerz 7. October 2013 Fusion Records
Bitch / Fight For Survival (Remix EP) Frequencerz 17. October 2013 Fusion Records
Caught In The Fire Endymion & Frequencerz ft DV8 Rocks! 22. October 2013 Neophyte Records
Rockstar Frequencerz 18. November 2013 Fusion Records
Fatality Frequencerz & B-Front 27. January 2014 Fusion Records
Raw & Uncut (Official Qapital2014 Anthem) Frequencerz 17. February 2014 Q-Dance
One Of A Kind B-Front & Frequencerz ft MC Nolz 3. March 2014 Fusion Records
Voice Of Gaia Frequencerz & Alpha² 24. March 2014 Q-Dance
Psycho (Loudness Soundtrack 2014) B-Front & Frequencerz 26. August 2014 B2S Records
Men Of Steel E-Force & Frequencerz 22. October 2014 A² Records
Menace Warface & Frequencerz 8. November 2014 End of Line
Remix EP 2 Frequencerz 24. November 2014 Fusion Records
Noise (Hard Bass 2015 Team Yellow OST) Frequencerz 31. January 2015 B2S Records
We Still Don't Give A F_ck Digital Punk & Frequencerz feat. MC Nolz 18. February 2015 A² Records
Warrior (Emporium Anthem 2015) Frequencerz feat. MC Nolz 20. May 2015 Roughstate
Getting Off Frequencerz & Titan 28. September 2015 Fusion Records
Wolfpack Frequencerz & Tartaros ft. MC Jeff 31. May 2016 Roughstate
Elevate Frequencerz & Warface 7. June 2016 Roughstate
A Muse Frequencerz 9. June 2016 Roughstate
Shut Up Ran-D & Frequencerz 14. June 2016 Roughstate
12FU Frequencerz 16. June 2016 Roughstate
Snap Ya Neck Frequencerz & Hard Driver 28. June 2016 Roughstate
Open Your Mind Frequencerz 12. July 2016 Roughstate
Shotgun Frequencerz ft. MC Jeff 19. July 2016 Roughstate
Full Control Frequencerz & Da Tweekaz 21. July 2016 Roughstate
Gods Frequencerz & E-Force 26. July 2016 Roughstate
Embrace Frequencerz & Zany 28. July 2016 Roughstate
Nuclear Frequencerz 2. August 2016 Roughstate
Die Hards Only (Q-Base Anthem 2016) Frequencerz 5. August 2016 Q-Dance
Victory Forever (DEFQON.1 Anthem) Frequencerz 15. May 2017 Q-Dance


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