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Barry Drooger, better known as Frontliner or Abject, is a Dutch Hardstyle producer and DJ. He is known for his unique and innovative style that is recognized in most of his new tracks. He also is the founder of his Label Keep It Up.


Barry started producing in 2005 under the alias Abject. Together with Headhunterz, he created the hits "Scantraxx Rootz" & "End Of My Existence".

From 2008 on Barry produced as Frontliner, and at Scantraxx. In a short time, Frontliner got a well-known name and he played on the stages of Defqon.1, Reverze and many more.[1]

In 2012 Frontliner made the big step and left Scantraxx to found his own label "Keep It Up". From this point on he became even a bigger name in the Hard Dance scene, with tracks like "Never Come Down", "I'm The Melodyman" and "Halos" (featuring John Harris) he got many new fans. He also made the Q-Base Anthem in this year called "Symbols" which track got awarded as the best track/anthem of 2012 on several votings like the "Harderstate Music Awards" or "Freaqshow Top 10 Tracks of 2012".

After all this Barry still doesn't look at 2012 as 'his' year, in his opinion it's yet to come, "2013 will be 'my' year" is what he said.


Title Alias Year Title
Scantraxx Rootz Headhunterz vs. Abject 2006 Scantraxx Reloaded
In Our Memories Abject 2007 Next Chapter
Self Deprication / Muzyk Frontliner 2008 Scantraxx Silver
Tuuduu / Rock That Thing Frontliner 2008 Scantraxx
Spacer / Warphole Frontliner 2008 Scantraxx Special
Spin That Shit Frontliner & Wildstylez 2009 Scantraxx Special
One Bananaz Frontliner & Ruthless 2009 Squaretraxx
Time / Rollin' Frontliner 2009 Scantraxx Silver
The First Cut / Greenhouse Frontliner 2009 Scantraxx
Sunblast / Expressionz Frontliner 2009 Scantraxx
Outside World 2009 Frontliner vs. Marc Acardipane 2009 Scantraxx
To Ya Brain Deepack & Frontliner Feat. MC Lan 2009 Hardcopy Records
Magic / Become The Sky B-Front & Frontliner 2010 Fusion Records
Godz Powerrr! Frontliner & B-Front 2010 Scantraxx Special
Save.Exit.Planet (In Qontrol Anthem 2010) Frontliner 2010 Q-Dance
Who I Am / Toxxxic Frontliner 2010 Scantraxx Silver
Producers Mind Frontliner 2011 Scantraxx
Producers Mind - Album Sampler 1 Frontliner 2011 Scantraxx
The Call Of The Visionary (Official Reverze Anthem 2011) Frontliner 2011 Scantraxx Silver
Discorecord Frontliner 2011 Scantraxx
On The Go Max Enforcer & Frontliner 2011 TiLLT!
Death Of A Demon Frontliner Feat. Nikkita 2012 Keep It Up Music
All In This Together Frontliner 2012 Keep It Up Music
Halos Frontliner Feat. John Harris 2012 Keep It Up Music
I'm The Melodyman Frontliner 2012 Keep It Up Music
Keep It Up / Phaseriffic Frontliner 2012 Keep It Up Music
Godz Edit Powerrr! Frontliner & B-Front 2012 Self Released
Never Come Down (Free DJ Tool) Frontliner 2012 Self Released
Producers Mind - Album Sampler 2 Frontliner 2012 Scantraxx
Producers Mind - Album Sampler 3 Frontliner 2012 Scantraxx
Producers Mind - Album Sampler 4 Frontliner 2012 Scantraxx
Producers Mind - Album Sampler 5 Frontliner 2012 Scantraxx
Come On! Frontliner 2013 Keep It Up Music
Thrillogy Frontliner / Adaro / Partyraiser 2013 Be Yourself Music
Tuning Into You Frontliner Feat. Seraina 2013 Keep It Up Music
Weekend Warriors (Official Defqon.1 2013 Anthem) Frontliner 2013 Q-Dance
(We Are) Indestructible Frontliner Feat. Katt Niall 2013 Keep It Up Music
The First Cut (TBY Remix) Frontliner 2013 Scantraxx Special
You Got Me Rocking Frontliner 2014

Keep It Up Music 

Somebody Say Yeah             Frontliner 2014 Keep It Up Music