Konrad Rodengo[1]

Birth place

Cracow, Poland


Dark rawstyle

Years active



Spootech Records


Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud

Genox, born as Konrad Rodengo in Poland, is a 20 year old hardstyle DJ and producer. His tracks have the typical Spoontech characteristics: they are dark and hard, without any euphoric sounds, which the original hardstyle fans praise a lot.


Konrad's passion for music began at a young age. When he was 8 years old, he was registered in a very faculty of music and had already learned the fundamentals to play the piano. His style and experience presently evolved to span all genres; together with Classical, Jazz, Rap, Electronic, and plenty of kinds of Rock. As his information of music grew, he became more and more inquisitive about the Electronic genre, specifically Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and eventually Hardstyle. Currently graduated from music faculty and transportation along the end result of his information of all kinds of music, he has dedicated his focus and keenness to bringing you the distinctive Genox hardstyle that's detected nowadays.

His first hardstyle release was the Absurdum EP, under the impMUSIC label (a sub-label of Bazz Implant Recordings), but he became more popular when he joined Spoontech and released Black Is.... Genox also produced Dream Reality and Can You Do It, which were released on Bionic Digital.

Genox had a weekly show on Fear.FM Harder[2].


Title Alias Year Label
Absurdum Genox 2010 impMUSIC
Black Is... Genox 2012 Spoontech Records
Dream Reality / Can You Do It? Genox 2012 Bionic Digital
Diabolical Experiments Genox 2013 Spoontech Records


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  2. Genox at Fear.FM schedule
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