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Gunz For Hire are a Dutch rawstyle duo consisting of the DJs Ran-D and Adaro .

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Gunz For Hire


Ran-D, Adaro


G4H, Gunz 4 Hire, DJ 100% Arrogant, DJ Blowjob


Hardstyle, rawstyle, gpfcore

Years active



Scantraxx Records, A2 Records, Dirty workz


Twitter.com http://www.twitter.com/gunzforhire YouTube.com http://youtube.com/gunzforhire Instagram http://www.instagram.com/gunzforhire Tumblr http://g4hofficial.tumblr.com/ Google+ https://plus.google.com/+gunzforhire/ VK http://vk.com/gunzforhire

Current members

Randy Wieland, Thijs Ploegmakers

After collaborating in 2009, the pair decided to form a duo in 2011, particuarly focusing on the rawstyle genre.

They are currently signed under Scantraxx Records and  A² Records

They have appeared as a duo at Thrillogy and at Qlimax.


Title Alias Year Label
My Name Is Hardstyle Ran-D vs. Adaro 2009 A² Records
Under Attack Ran-D & Adaro 2010 A² Records
In For The Kill (Bootleg Remix) Ran-D & Adaro 2010 A² Records
Struggle For Existence Ran-D & Adaro  2010 A² Records
Put It On / Evolution Complete Gunz For Hire 2011 A² Records
Gangsters Don't Dance Gunz For Hire 2011 A² Records
De Weg Kwijt Gunz For Hire 2011 A² Records
Uprising (Gunz For Hire Bootleg) Muse 2011 A² Records
Kings Of The Underground / The Cycle Gunz For Hire 2012 A² Records
Bolivia Gunz For Hire 2012 A² Records
Immortal (Official Qlimax Anthem 2013) Gunz For Hire feat. Ruffian 2013 A² Records
Sorrow (Feat. Ellie) Gunz For Hire 2013 A² Records
Swacher Gunz For Hire!!!!! 2014 A² Records
Unleased - Album Sampler 004 E-Force / Gunz For Hire A² Records

Awards m[]

  • 2011: Gunz For Hire - Sorrow (Feat. Ellie) was chosen as the number one hardstyle track of 2011 at The Magic Show Top 100 of 2011.
  • 2012: Gunz For Hire wins 'Best New Face' Hard Dance Awards 2012.
  • 2012: Gunz For Hire voted as #114 in the DJ Mag Top 100 2012.
  • 2013: Gunz For Hire voted as #63 in the DJ Mag Top 100 2013.