HARDwithSTYLE Records Logo

Hard with Style Records, stylized as HARDwithSTYLE, is a Dutch hardstyle record label owned by Headhunterz.

In 2013, Headhunterz announced that he would be setting up his own record label, completely seperate from Scantraxx and Ultra , which would be "no agenda, no nonsense, no bullshit. Just music.", and would support up and coming hardstyle artists as well as those already established in the genre.


Title Artist Catalogue Number Year
The Leaked E.P. Headhunterz HWS001 2013
Trigger / Horizon Rebourne HWS002 2014
From Within (Adrenalize Remix) Headhunterz HWS003 2014
Welcome To The Zoo Crystal Lake HWS004 2014
Elevation Ft. Teddy / Warcry Audiofreq HWS005 2014
BVRN! Crystal Lake HWS006 2014
Save the Day Bass Modulators feat. Vice HWS007 2014
#WUT Hard Driver HWS008 2014
Now is the Time (Original Mix | Audiofreq's HwS Remix) Headhunterz feat. Miss Palmer HWS009 2014
Slow Down / Surrender Phrantic HWS010 2014
Sirens Crystal Lake HWS011 2014
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