Noisecontrollers 2014


Bas Oskam


The Netherlands


Euphoric hardstyle

Years active



Fusion Records, Digital Age

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Past members

Arjan Terpstra

Noisecontrollers, born as Bas Oskam in the Netherlands, started producing the end of 2005 along with Arjan Terpstra.


Arjan produced hip-hop and Bas was producing hardtrance. They decided to start producing hardstyle together and from that moment Noisecontrollers was born with only one goal: bringing hardstyle to a next level.

In 2006 the response on their music was so great they decided to start a special live-act which they fired in 2007. Within 1 year they mostly played all through Europe, USA and Australia, on events like X-Qlusive, In Qontrol, Reverze, Hardbass, Qlimax and more.


Noisecontrollers before they split.

They released their music on Fusion Records, which started with "Creatures". After that, they got massive response on their second release containing "Crump", "Marlboro Man" and "Aliens".

In 2011 they created a label with Wildstylez called Digital Age.

In November 2013 they decided to split up, and Bas Oskam continued the project, and Arjan Terpstra left to experiment with hard dance music.

Their final events together were Qlimax 2013, on the 23rd of November 2013 and Clublife at Helsinki, Finland on the 21st of December 2013.


Title Alias Year Label
Creatures / Against All Odds Noisecontrollers 2007 Fusion Records
Crump / Marlboro Man / Aliens Noisecontrollers 2007 Fusion Records
Wanna Freak You Noisecontrollers vs. Speedy Bass 2007 DJS Records
Shreek / Venom / Rushroom Noisecontrollers 2008 Fusion Records
Bassleader Anthem Noisecontrollers, Ronald-V & Chicago Zone 2008 Zoo Records
The Battle Noisecontrollers vs. Technoboy 2008 Digidance
Tonight Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs. Noisecontrollers 2009 Scantraxx Reloaded
Surge Of Power EP Part 2 Noisecontrollers 2009 Fusion Records
Yellow Minute / Sanctus / Revolution Is Here / Attack Again Noisecontrollers 2009 Fusion Records
Ctrl.Alt.Delete (In Qontrol Anthem 2009) Noisecontrollers  2009 Q-Dance
Surge Of Power EP Part 1 Noisecontrollers 2009 Fusion Records
Paranoid / Diffusion / Diavoli Noisecontrollers & Zany 2010 Fusion Records
Jaydee / Empire Of The Sun Noisecontrollers & Toneshifterz 2010 Fusion Records
Thrillogy Nosferatu, Isaac, Noisecontrollers 2010 B2S Records, Cloud 9 Dance
Bass Mechanics / Universe Noisecontrollers & Psyko Punkz 2010 Fusion Records
Yellow Minute (Alpha² Remix) Noisecontrollers 2010 Fusion Records
Faster 'N Further / Macabre 2010 / Club Jumper / Darkside Of Emotions Noisecontrollers 2010 Fusion Records
Summer In The City (Official Decibel Anthem 2010) Noisecontrollers 2010 B2S Records
The Art Of Yellow Project One vs. Noisecontrollers 2011 Wildstylez Self Released
Ready 2 Go Noisecontrollers feat. MC Renegade 2011 Self Released
Unite (Official Defqon.1 Anthem 2011) Noisecontrollers 2011 Q-Dance
Escape Noisecontrollers 2011 Self Released
Disco Is The Music Noisecontrollers 2011 Self Released
Give It Up Noisecontrollers 2011 Digital:Age
A Different Story Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers 2011 Digital:Age
Stardust Noisecontrollers & Wildstylez 2011 Digital:Age
Gimme Love Noisecontrollers 2011 Digital:Age
Marlboro Man (The Pitcher Re-Amp) Noisecontrollers 2011 Fusion Records
E=NC² [The Science Of Hardstyle] Noisecontrollers 2012 Scantraxx
Pillars Of Creation Noisecontrollers 2012 Digital:Age
Crump (Ran-D Remix) / Revolution Is Here (Donkey Rollers Remix) Noisecontrollers 2012 Digital:Age
Quatre Mains Noisecontrollers & Pavelow 2012 Digital:Age
E=nc² Noisecontrollers 2012 Digital:Age
Break The Show / Sludge Noisecontrollers 2012 Digital:Age
World Of Madness Headhunterz, Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers 2012 Q-Dance
Aliens (Digital Punk Remix) / Night After Night (Zany Remix) Noisecontrollers 2012 Digital:Age
Moonraker Noisecontrollers Feat. Alpha² 2012 Digital:Age
Move Your Body (Noisecontrollers Remix) / Universe Was Born Noisecontrollers 2012 Digital:Age
Tonight (Alpha² Remix) Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs. Noisecontrollers 2012 Scantraxx Reloaded
Astral (Audiofreq Remix) Noisecontrollers 2012 Audiofreq Self Released
So High Noisecontrollers 2012 Digital:Age
Get Loose Showtek & Noisecontrollers 2013 Owsla
Experience The Beyond (Official IQON 2013 Anthem) Noisecontrollers 2013 Q-Dance
We Are The Noisecontrollers Noisecontrollers 2013 Self Released
Gaia 2008 Noisecontrollers 2013 Self Released
Set U Free (DJ Tool) Noisecontrollers 2013 Self Released
Shrump (DJ Tool) Noisecontrollers 2013 Self Released
In The Marine Noisecontrollers 2013 Self Released
Fairytale Noisecontrollers 2013 Self Released
Why So Serious Noisecontrollers 2013 Self Released
All Around The World Noisecontrollers 2013 Q-Dance
Feel So Good / Trick Or Treat Noisecontrollers 2013 Scantraxx
Craving For The Beat (Official Decibel 2013 Anthem) Alpha² & Noisecontrollers 2013 A² Records
Destroyer Of Worlds Noisecontrollers 2013 Q-Dance
HARD with STYLE Episode 30 Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers 2014 HARDwithSTYLE
What?! Noisecontrollers 2014 Q-Dance
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