Revulsion FM


1st January 2013


Bart Scheffer, Thijs Kuipers and Roy van Ringelenstein

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Revulsion FM is an online hardstyle and hardcore radio station founded on the 1st of Janurary, 2013.


After the shut down of Fear.FM, three young dedicate fans of the harder styles, Bart Scheffer, Thijs Kuipers and Roy van Ringelenstein, came up with the idea of creating a brand new radio station.

A major hardstyle radio with such a big name like Fear.FM couldn't be gone like this, so they got the feeling that they needed to create something new and refreshing yet with the same idea as the previos radio: supplying the fans of the harder styles with their daily dose of hard dance music. This is how Revulsion FM was created.


According to the website's about section[1], the goals of the radio are:

We’ll keep you up to date of the progresses made in the scene with the news page.
We’ll give you an overview of the latest releases with the releases page.
We’ll let you see where you need to go to party with the events page.
We’ll make you feel at home here at Revulsion FM with the forum.
We’ll always have the latest music ready for you on the stream and the music page.
We’ll bring you the best of the harder styles!

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  1. About - Revulsion FM
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