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Dov J. Elkabas


Avantguarde, The Better World, Carlos Masseratti, Collage, Commotion, Controller 1, Cookiemunsta, DJ Dov, Doobey, Dopeman, George Washington, Happy Hippy, The, Hoodoo Man, Nina Feranzano, Oral Maniac, Pineapple Jack, Prophet's Project, The, Rokk Wild, Rose, The, Shimatsu Miru, Silent Jesus, The Stalker, The Washington Affair

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The Netherlands


Hardcore, hardstyle

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Dov J. Elkabas, more commonly known as The Prophet, started his career as a DJ in 1983 once he discovered turntables at a disco in Amsterdam. He started spinning hip hop music before a switch to house in 1988. Regarding 3 years later, he established a team of DJ's referred to as "The Dreamteam", in collaboration with DJ Dano, Buzz Fuzz and Gizmo. The team was an enormous success within the gabber and hardstyle scene.


Album name Year Label
In The Mix 1996 ID&T
Best Of The Prophet 1997 ID&T
Go Get Ill 2000 Masters Of Hardcore
Kick Azz 2002 Masters Of Hardcore
Scantraxx presentz: HardheadZ 2002 Scantraxx / Digidance
Qlimax 5 2003 Q-dance mix-cd
Bounzz 2004 - The 2nd Edition 2004 BMG
History Of Hardcore 4 - Dreamteam Edition 2004 Sony
Scantraxx Volume 2 2004 Sony / Scantraxx
3xhard3r 2005 Digidance
Hard - 80 Minutes Hard In The Mix 2006 Cloud 9 Music / Scantraxx
The Prophet Hard2 2006 Cloud 9 Music / Scantraxx
The Prophet Hard3 2008 Cloud 9 Music / Scantraxx
Houseqlassics Ten Years 2009 Q-dance


  1. The Prophet at Discogs
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