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Wasted Penguinz are a hardstyle duo from Helsingborg, Sweden. The duo consists of two artists; Pontuz Bergman (Teequee) & Jon Brandt-Cederhäll (Dan-J/Alvin Brandt). They began producing together in 2008, after meeting each other on a message board, originally being rivals. [1]


Pontuz and Jon first met up late 2006 for the very first time. Before hand, they only had internet contact. Pontuz proposed the idea to meet up for the weekend and produce music together.

Up until 2008 they were solo artists producing eurodance music which they then decided to start a group producing hardstyle music.

The track Scantraxx Rootz by Headhunterz & Abject inspired Pontuz and Jon to produce hardstyle music and the name Wasted Penguinz was born which came together over brainstorming and beer.

Pontuz and Jon created a few tracks and sent them to some record labels and had a response from Bazz Implants and IMPMusic. They signed for Bazz Implants and had two successful releases and this is where it all began for the Wasted Penguinz.[2]

Two years after the group was founded, the Wasted Penguinz were signed to a major Dutch label, Scantraxx, in the summer of 2010. Their first Scantraxx release was on 18th June 2010. This release contained two tracks, "I'm Free" and "Anxiety", and was released on the Scantraxx Silver sublabel[3]. Their second release on Scantraxx Silver was in October 2010, containing the tracks "Hate Mondayz" and "Resistance".

All the tracks on both of their first two Scantraxx releases reached the "Hardstyle Top 100 of 2010" list from the now defunct Fear.FM, the then largest radio station devoted to harder styles of dance music. "Resistance" reached position 11, "Anxiety" reached position 23, "I'm Free" at 37, and finally "Hate Mondayz" at position 49.[4] They also won the "Best New Face" award from Fear.FM.

Fear.FM interviewed Pontus & Jon, who revealed that they were in contact with Scantraxx since December 2009, and it was only made official in the summer of 2010.

The image created around their music is centred around consuming large amounts of beer, with their motto/tagline being "Get Wasted N' Do It". Their YouTube account is used to upload previews, as well as videos of drinking contests & drinking games.[5]

In 2011, they were booked for three major Dutch festivals in the summer: Intents Festival, Defqon.1 and Q-Base. The summer saw many new releases from the duo, all of which were released on Scantraxx.

In May 2012, the duo left Scantraxx.

The year after, in October, they signed with Toff Music and released the Raindropz single as well as their first album: Wistfulness.


See the Discogs page for further information on the releases.
Year Title
2009 We Live For The Day EP
  • Release: January 28
  • Label: Bazz Implant Records
  • Formats: Digital Download
2009 A Next Generation
  • Release: August 27
  • Label: Bazz Implant Records
  • Formats: Digital Download
2010 I'm Free/Anxiety
  • Release: June 18
  • Label: Scantraxx Silver
  • Formats: Digital Download
2010 Resistance/Hate Mondayz
  • Release: October 8
  • Label: Scantraxx Silver
  • Formats: Digital Download
2011 Lost In Eternity EP
  • Release: June 20
  • Label: Scantraxx
  • Formats: Digital Download
2011 Crea Diem
  • Release: June 20
  • Label: Scantraxx
  • Formats: Digital Download
2011 Melancholia/Far From Reality
  • Release: August 15
  • Label: Scantraxx
  • Formats: Digital Download
2011 Stay Alive/Circle Of Life
  • Release: September 26
  • Label: Scantraxx
  • Formats: Digital Download
2012 Within/Freedom Is Me
  • Release: February 8
  • Label: Scantraxx
  • Formats: Digital Download
2013 Raindropz
  • Release: September 10
  • Label: Toff Music
  • Formats: Digital Download
2013 Wistfulness
  • Release: October 24
  • Label: Toff Music
  • Formats: Digital Download, CD


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