Gerardo Roschini


DJ Zax, Gerardo Roschini, Gesko, Ironblood, Machinehead, Smashing Guys, Supaboyz, W.A.S.H., Zairon, ZTX

Birth place

Tivoli, Lazio, Italy[1]


Hardstyle, rawstyle

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Italian Hardstyle

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Zatox, born as Gerardo Roschini in Tivoli, Lazio, is an Italian DJ and music producer. He is famous on the underground scene and a prominent name within the rawstyle scene.

In 2011 he was ranked #47 in DJ Mag's TOP 100[3].

The year after he held a contest, challenging people to remix his 2010 track "Creation". There were 232 remixes, 173 of them were selected and released for free, 10 others made it to the Top 10[4], and 2 of them, one by Lunaticz and the other one by Coarsection, were the winners.


Title Alias Year Label
Gunflame E.P. Smashing Guys 2002 Wicked Records
Caput Mundi E.P. Zatox 2003 Wicked Records
Eternity Life E.P. Zatox 2003 Wicked Records
Diabolika E.P. Smashing Guys 2003 Wicked Records
Control Your Body E.P. Smashing Guys 2004 Wicked Records
Big Bang E.P. Smashing Guys 2004 Wicked Records
Apocalypse Zatox 2005 Wicked Records
Overdose E.P. Zatox 2005 Wicked Records
Wake Up Smashing Guys 2005 Wicked Records
Bad Time / Mofoklub Zatox 2006 Wicked Records
Scanner E.P. Zatox 2006 Wicked Records
Don't Let It Go Zatox & Activator 2007 Wicked Records
Get Drunk Activator & Zatox 2007 Activa Records
Can't Stop / So Fight Zatox & Activator 2007 Wicked Records
Decibel 2007 Technoboy vs. Zatox / Promo / Manu Kenton 2007 Seismic Records
Remix 01 Zairon / Smashing Guys 2007 Ipnotika
Pump & Loud Smashing Guys 2007 Wicked Records
Still Drunk Activator & Zatox 2008 Activa Records
So High Zatox 2008 Wicked Records
Gangsta / Love Theme From The Godfather Tatanka & Zatox 2009 Zanzatraxx
Master And Slave Zatox Presents Vyolet 2009 Wicked Records
Vintage E.P. Zatox 2009 Wicked Records
Can You Feel It Zenith & Zatox 2009 Trance Communications Records
Oxygen Zatox & Activator 2009 Wicked Records
Choir / Pumping Blood Zatox Meets The R3bels 2009 Wicked Records
Creation E.P. Zatox 2010 Italian Hardstyle
Gold Tatact / Activator / Francesco Zeta / Zatox / Acti & Zot 2010 Activa Records
Raw Style E.P. Zatox 2010 Italian Hardstyle
Stand Up Headwave (Qlimax Remake) Zatox 2010 Unreleased
The Supertool Zatox 2010 Self Released
Kickin' Ass / Loops & Things Zatox & Tatanka 2010 Italian Hardstyle
A New Dimension / No One Excluded Zatox & A-Lusion 2010 Italian Hardstyle
Audio Attack Coone & Zatox 2011 Dirty Workz
Italian Hardstyle E.P. Zatox / The R3bels / Vamper 2011 Italian Hardstyle
Another Level E.P. Zatox 2011 Italian Hardstyle
Qlimax 2011 Zatox 2011 Q-Dance, Cloud 9 Dance
No Way Back (Qlimax Anthem 2011) Zatox 2011 Q-Dance
Madhouse D-Block & S-Te-Fan & Zatox 2011 Scantraxx Evolutionz
Unleashed - Album Sampler 001 Alpha² & Wildstylez / Zatox & Ran-D 2011 A² Records
Old Skool / Tanz Electrik (The R3belz RMX) Zatox & Zany 2011 Italian Hardstyle
Irreplaceable / Can't Hold Us Back Zatox 2011 Italian Hardstyle
Hard Bass Wild Motherfuckers 2011 B2S Records, Cloud 9 Dance
The Creation Remix Contest (Top 10) Zatox 2012 Self Released
Free E.P. Zatox / The R3belz 2012 Self Released
Opera E.P. Zatox 2012 Self Released
Hard Dance Awards 2012 Various / Kutski / Zatox / Steve Hill 2012 Hard Dance Awards
Thrillogy Zatox / Crypsis / Mad Dog 2012 Be Yourself Music
The Qontinent 2012 Zatox / Dr Rude / Neophyte 2012 Toff Music
Creation (X-Pander Remix) Zatox 2012 X-Pander Self Released
Bitch Slap Zatox feat. The Eretik vs. Kendra 2012 Self Released
D.E.C.I.B.E.L. (Official Decibel Anthem 2012) Zatox 2012 Italian Hardstyle
Fuck You Up Zatox 2012 Italian Hardstyle
Unite Zatox 2012 Italian Hardstyle
My Life Zatox 2012 Italian Hardstyle
It Must Be Zatox & Max Enforcer 2012 Italian Hardstyle
Winter Zatox 2012 Italian Hardstyle
Noisemaker (Code Black Remix) Zatox 2012 Wicked Records
Prozaxx (X-Pander Kick Edit) The Prophet & Zatox 2013 X-Pander Self Released
You Make The Change Zatox 2013 Unite Records
Action Zatox & Villain 2013 Unite Records
Hectic Ran-D vs. Zatox 2013 Scantraxx
Good & Evil Zatox & The R3belz 2013 Scantraxx
Check Out The Drop Zatox 2013 Unite Records
Brutal Zatox 2013 Self Released
Fight The Resistance Brennan Heart & Zatox 2014 WE R
Intensity TNT & Zatox 2014 Titanic Records
Oxygen Zatox 2017 Dirty Workz


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